2018 USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Local Competition in Timonium Blog Feature

By: Janet Hirsch

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2018 USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Local Competition in Timonium

Earth Treks is thrilled to host a USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Local Competition on September 29, 2018 at Earth Treks Timonum.

Earth Treks Timonium
1930 Greenspring Dr, 
Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093
Click here for directions


Parking is limited in the Earth Treks Timonium location. With the anticipated crowd for the competition, parking will be available across the street (see green box below) at 1925 Greenspring Drive. Do NOT use the parking lot directly across the street (see red box)!

Parking for Earth Treks Timonium Youth Competition 9.29.18

Red point with three sessions for climbing. All USA Climbing age categories are welcome in each group, and each group gets three hours of climb time. Max of 50 competitors per session.

Competition: $40 
*USA Climbing Introductory Membership: $20

*If you are not a USA Climbing Competitor member. Must be paid directly to USA Climbing before the competition starts at 7am on September 29.

Thanks to everyone for preordering your comp shirt. Shirts are available preorder only and can be picked up at check-in for the comp on September 29. 

2018_ET_Events_Competition_USAC Youth Local Bouldering Competition_Art_Shirt_Blog Image
We need you to make this event a success! Our volunteers help ensure the comp runs smoothly and that the kids have fun. Volunteers receive a free comp shirt, breakfast and/or lunch and a 15% off coupon for Earth Treks retail store. No experience necessary for judging or check-in. Sign up to volunteer today!


7:00am - check-in begins for wave 1
7:15am - competitors meeting and judges meeting
7:45am - climbing for wave 1 begins
10:00am - check-in begins for wave 2
10:30am - wave 2 competitors meetings
10:45am - climbing ends for wave 1
11:00am - climbing wave 2 begins
1:00pm - check in for wave 3 begins
1:30pm - competitors meeting for wave 3
2:00pm - climbing ends for wave 2
2:15pm - climbing wave 3 begins
5:15pm - climbing ends for wave 3
5:45pm - *awards and final wrap up - everyone out by 6:30pm

*There will be a single awards time, even with three sessions, because the sessions are part of the same competition. We are running three sessions to accommodate more competitors and to make scheduling easier for families with youth in multiple categories or those traveling from further in our region. We appreciate your understanding and hope you can either stay for awards or have a friend/teammate pick up ribbons. 

Only competitors, volunteers and staff will be allowed on the padded sections of the floor during the competition. All spectators will be asked to remain on the concrete walkways or in designated spectating areas within the gym.

We will be asking anyone in the gym to have a full waiver on file Saturday. Please make sure to  fill out a waiver before coming to the competition. 

For the athlete that’s new to competition climbing, a $20 Introductory Membership will allow you to compete in a USA Climbing sanctioned local competition and be placed amongst the other competitors in your category at the event. 

All competitors that do not register for an annual competitor membership prior to attending a competition will have to buy the $20 Introductory Membership to participate. The fees paid for this Introductory Membership will not be applied or credited toward any other type of USAC membership. An Introductory Membership is valid for the entire season instead of just one event.

If a Youth or Collegiate competitor wishes to be eligible to compete in Regionals, he/she will need to purchase the respective USA Climbing Membership prior to the close of Regional registration in order for the locals he/she competed in with an Introductory Membership to count toward the competitors Regional eligibility.

Introductory Memberships can be purchased by going to USA Climbing's website, clicking the "Join Now" button in the top right corner, creating an account (if you do not already have one) and selecting the $20 Introductory Membership.

 We ask that you complete USA Climbing's requirements and pay their day fee before arriving at the gym for the competition.