5 of the most interesting climbing podcasts we've ever heard Blog Feature

By: Lawrence Osefoh

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5 of the most interesting climbing podcasts we've ever heard

Rock Climbing

Find yourself itching for more than just your buddy’s beta spray on the newest V4? We've put together a list of some of the best podcasts to keep you going during the work week.

Some of these have been around since podcasts became a thing and others are just getting started, but all these provide insight to climbing, the outdoors, the super crushers, and ways you yourself can get stronger jugging right behind your climbing hero. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do! 
1) Neely Quinn's Training Beta Podcast is an inside look on how to push your climbing to the next level. In her podcasts, she talks with trainers about strength, fitness, diets, and the mental practices they use to crush and stay injury free. Neely also interviews the climbers who scale cliffs with the ease most of us only dream of. Her podcasts highlight the fact that we all need something a little different--some need structured plans and a gym; others take a different perspective and use the outdoors for their fitness regime.  

2) The Dirtbag Diaries are stories from wild places. Fitz Cahall and company draw their inspirations from stories and tales from around the campfire. These stories aren’t the polished and crisp ones you find in the magazines, but are presented as genuine and visceral. 

3) For the Love of Climbinghost Kathy Karlo was once told "This is rock climbing. It isn’t supposed to be nice or safe or accepting of who you are and your feelings.” Well, Kathy respectfully disagrees. Instead of avoiding the bad stuff, the awkward conversations, and the uncomfortable topics she's encountered through climbing, her podcast talks openly about these subjects and more.  

4) Climbing Gold is a podcast hosted by Alex Honnold. In it he shares timeless stories from athletes, risk takers, dirtbags, pioneers, community builders, and more.  
5) She Explores. While not a climbing podcast, She Explores features voices that are often lost in the outdoor space while showcasing that despite our different experiences, we all can connect over the inspiration we feel when we are outdoors.