5 Benefits of Rock Climbing for kids Blog Feature

By: Jenny Beaulieu

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5 Benefits of Rock Climbing for kids

Channel the energy your child has for climbing on the walls, furniture—well, everything into a lifelong sport. Far more than just a fun activity, rock climbing builds strength, confidence, and problem solving in children.   

Physical Strength + Coordination 

Climbing works muscle groups that we don’t typically use in our day-to-day lives. While climbing, your child will develop strength in their arms, legs, core, and stabilizer muscles. These muscle groups improve overall balance, posture, and flexibility. Young climbers will also get some aerobic exercise; scaling walls is no small feat and gets your heart pumping! 

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Increases Problem Solving Skills

As much as climbing is a physical activity, it’s also a mental one. Each climb on the wall is a puzzle to be solved. Kiddos will work through these puzzles to figure out away to get up the wall with the holds given. Rock climbing encourages them to learn from failure and try another approach on the way to success! Persevering through a challenge gives kids the confidence and self-esteem to succeed in challenges both on and off the climbing wall.

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Positive Risk Taking 

The child psychology field now knows that Positive Risk Taking is essential for child development. Taking small risks encourages independence, resilience, and self-assessment. In climbing youth programs, like climbing summer camps and after school programs, children are encouraged to find their comfort zone and gradually stretch it in a controlled and supportive environment. In practice, that can look like a child climbing ten feet higher on the wall than they thought was possible. Immediately, the child feels a sense of accomplishment from pushing their own limits. As kids become adolescents and young adults, they will be guided through managing their own risk as a climber and the responsibilities that come with it. 


Finding A New Community 

Climbing is inherently a sport that fosters community and cooperation. Climbers build communities through cheering each other on and working through climbing problems together. Movement offers after school programs, camps, and climbing teams that introduce kids to new friends! Kids who aren’t into traditional sports will find a home in the climbing gym.


Climbing Teams + Competitive Climbing 

If your child hasn’t found an extracurricular or sport they’re passionate about yet, climbing could be for them. Movement offers progressive teams to coach your kids from ages 6 to 19. Young adults can move onto a collegiate team at their college if they choose. Competitive climbing is a great place for kids to build skills, confidence, and have a consistent part of their week to look forward to. Climbing was added to the Summer Olympics in 2020 and is returning to the Paris Games this summer in 2024. The opportunities for competitive climbers have never been brighter.  

More than anything, climbing is FUN! We can’t wait to see what your kids do in our gyms. Find a location closest to you and explore more about our kids climbing opportunities, teams, and after school programs. Climb on little crushers!