Gear I Can't Live Without: Mammut Wall Rider Helmet Blog Feature

By: Collin Jenkins

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Gear I Can't Live Without: Mammut Wall Rider Helmet

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I recently walked into my local climbing store for nothing in particular. As I was browsing, I came across a box and thought, “Is this box empty? Why are they displaying an empty box?” Skeptical, I opened the box and found...a climbing helmet!

I was dumbfounded. Climbing helmets are normally bulky pieces! And while even the heavier versions aren’t that burdensome, at the end of a long day at the crag, I find myself tilting my head to the side and belaying while practicing neck rolls. As far as I'm concerned, cutting a few ounces can make a huge difference.

The Mammut Wall Rider climbing helmet is pretty close to the lightest helmet out there (it's the second lightest helmet out there, to be exact) and at $99.95, it’s no more expensive than your standard all-foam pieces.

The plastic on top of the helmet is more durable and sturdy, which keeps the helmet from denting and dinging. The helmet's compressible foam helps prevent the all too common cracks that come with packing standard foam helmets into your pack over and over (ask your local gear head about this so I don’t bore you with technicalities).

At the end of the day, the Mammut Wall Rider climbing helmet looks rad, lasts longer and weighs and costs less. Say no more, friend!

Contributed by Collin Jenkins, Retail Buyer for Movement.


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