4 Things (Besides Climbing) to Do at Movement Blog Feature

By: Kim

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4 Things (Besides Climbing) to Do at Movement

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When you walk into a Movement gym, the first thing you probably see are the climbing walls - we have a lot of them! But our gyms are so much more than just a spot to climb. Here are 4 (and 2 bonus) things you can do at the gym that go beyond climbing. 

1) Play a game on the wall – this one is technically climbing but it is non-traditional so we are including it! You can do this by yourself do with a friend. Check out these fun games that are great for all levels of climber. They are also great training tools if you are looking to get in some New Year’s resolutions. 

Yoga_Portland_MVMT_2023-1112) Take a restorative yoga class – really any yoga class is great but sometimes, especially when things get busy, we can forget that our bodies and minds deserve rest. Restorative yoga is great for taking time for yourself and finding your balance (and it feels great)!


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3) Take advantage of the fitness equipment The gym is a great place to get a workout (especially as the weather turns colder) and you want to do some cardio or Olympic lifting. The gyms are full of equipment for all sorts of workouts from bodyweight to TRX to HIIT to heavy lifting. Feeling a little unmotivated? Check out your gym's fitness classes for some group motivation.



4) Bring a Friend! One of our favorite things is to hang out with our friends and what better place to do that than at the gym where there is so much to do! Most of us bring our friends to climb but have you ever tried taking them to a fitness or yoga class?


Looking for a few bonus things to do?

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Come to an event – check out our calendar and find what events are happening near you. We have group meetups if you are interested in meeting friends, comps for those looking to challenge themselves, and parties like our Rendezvous. We also have special workshops and classes! 


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Try some core work Climbers love core work but this can benefit everyone.  It is a great workout for long-term health. Our core keeps us stable as we walk, sit, or really do anything! In climbing, it helps us keep tension and stay on the wall.


Come climb with us! Find a Movement Gym near you.