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Avi Bloomstein

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What is a dyno and how to do one successfully

By: Avi Bloomstein

Okay, I’ll say it; shorter climbers are, inherently, better at dynamic climbing than taller climbers. Sure, this is a gross oversimplification to provide for an exciting click-bait-y first sentence, but it also has some base in fact. Longer limbs require more work to generate a dynamic movement.  So, while shorter climbers (I’m 5’3”) can sometimes be limited in what we can reach statically, they have a pretty sizable advantage in their mobility. The key is how we learn to use dynamic movement and that is a skillset that is helpful for climbers of all sizes! So – here are 4 principals to look at when you are moving your body up the wall dynamically.   Make sure you're pushing and flagging

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