Black History Month - Some Resources Blog Feature

By: Movement

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Black History Month - Some Resources

Our hope is that the outdoors and climbing gyms serve as our safe spaces for everyone. However, “African-American experiences are far more complex than the contemporary narrative suggests, having been shaped by institutions of slavery, segregation and scientific racism. That combined impact has presented outdoor public areas as contested and often, violent social spaces" (Goodrid, 2018, p. 30). So, one step we are taking is to continue to learn about systemic impacts through black narratives and perspectives so we can better acknowledge past injustices and stop or intervene in future ones.

Below are two articles that explore the racial complexities of outdoor space. It is up to all of us to actively create inclusive spaces for everyone in order for traumas to be eradicated with time and educational efforts from, and to, every side of the story.

Also – if you missed @kweenwerk's “Safe in Every Space” workshop last week, check it out on Inclusive Journeys’ Facebook page! A minimum donation of $5 is requested and can be paid through their website.