Yes, going to yoga will improve your climbing (we'll show you how) Blog Feature

By: Sydney King

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Yes, going to yoga will improve your climbing (we'll show you how)

Fitness and Yoga


“What’s the big deal with yoga for climbers? Can’t I just climb more to get better?”

We hear this a lot, and we get it—if you love climbing, it makes sense that the one way to get better is to practice it regularly.

A lot of articles around the internet will tell you how and why yoga is important. We wanted to show you how adding a regular yoga routine to your schedule (find your gym and check out their upcoming class calendar) will give you the balance, strength, and coordination you’ll need to make snagging your next climbing goal a little easier.

If you're looking for a quick tips, check out these three poses you’ll flow through in one of our yoga classes and how they help on slab, vertical, and overhung climbing walls.


yoga poses that will make slab wall moves easier

Slab climbing is all about footwork, so it's no surprise that a lot of yoga poses require balancing help you out on a slab wall.

MOVEMENT blog_Yogaonthewall_OpenArmLegExtensionPoseforVerticalWalls_The Hill_MVMT_2022_Emily Jones 38 060222

Poses like Extended-Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose requires outer hip strength and a strong core, both of which will help you place a foot on slab and stand up.


yoga poses that will help on vertical walls

On vertical walls, it’s important to move slowly and with control in order to climb efficiently and prevent fatigue.

MOVEMENT Blog_Yogaonthewall_BirdDogpose_061522

A counterbalance pose like Bird/Dog Pose really teaches you to isolate certain muscles and move slowly.


yoga poses that will help on overhung walls

On steep walls you want to maintain full body tension, which means developing a strong core is key.

MOVEMENT blog_Yogaonthewall_BoatPoseForOverhungWalls_The Hill_MVMT_2022 28 060222

The shape your body makes in Boat Pose or Extended-Boat Pose is similar to the position you’ll find yourself in on overhung routes.


Sydney is a yoga instructor (and climbs!) at our Movement Columbia location. To sign up for a yoga class, check out the yoga calendar at your local gym.