Beginner Campus Board Workout Blog Feature

By: Lucas Klein

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Beginner Campus Board Workout

Training for Climbing

One of the training questions we get all the time is when should I start using training boards, like a campus board, and how do I start.
Campus board workouts are a great way to improve climbing power and strength. When to start very much depends on the climber, but in general, we recommend waiting until you've been climbing consistently for at least one year (meaning, you're consistently climbing twice a week for 1-2 hours). 
As far as how to start, one of our staff members has provided a beginner campus board workout that would be a great one to incorporate in your climbing routine. Keep in mind that while it may be considered a "beginner" workout, it is not easy! Please make sure that any training board workout sessions are done after warming up thoroughly, but before any climbing or other heavy physical workout. 


Double clutches

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Grab onto the bottom rung of the campus board. Pull yourself up (your elbows will be at a 90 degree angle and shoulders are engaged) and then, with some momentum, pop up, and grab the next rung with both hands.
Repeat 3 times. 

Dynamic pulls

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This is a great exercise to help you with larger dynamic movements. Grab the low rung with both hands. Pull yourself up (your feet should either be hanging or using one of the foot bars located below the campus board) as far as you can and then reach as high as you can in one big move with your left hand. Come down and do the same exercise, this time with your right hand.
Repeat 3 sets on each hand.


MOVEMENT_Blog_CampusBoardWorkout_Bumps_Englewood_Carissa Gross 1 030322

Grab the low rung with both hands. Pull yourself in and bump your left hand up one or two rungs above you. Then, bump your left hand one rung down. Then, bump it back up a rung. Repeat with your left hand until failure. Repeat with your right hand.


Dead hangs

MOVEMENT_Blog_CampusBoardWorkout_DoubleClutches_Englewood_Carissa Gross 1 030322

Grab one of the lower rungs with both hands. Make sure your arms are straight, your shoulders are engaged, and that your fingers are at a 90 degree angle on the rung you are hanging from.
Hang for 10 seconds, then rest a minute. Repeat 3-5 times.

Curious about the rest of the training boards in your climbing gym and how they can help you climb better? Check out this article.

If you want more information on any of the equipment in the training areas at any of our gyms, head to your gym's website. From the menu, click on the calendar to locate any upcoming Intro to Training classes or our free Board and Training Area Introduction Clinic. 

You can also work with one of our private climbing coaches to develop a personalized training plan or more specific suggestions on how to add training board workouts to your routine.