Climbing High: Tips for Conquering 3,300 Vertical Feet Blog Feature

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Climbing High: Tips for Conquering 3,300 Vertical Feet

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We hope you're taking on our July Member Challenge to climb a classic! We are celebrating the 7-year anniversary of Alex Honnold free soloing the classic, Freerider on El Capitan. Here are our tips to get you on the leaderboard (or at least how to finish climbing all 3,300 feet!) 
Break It Down: Climbing 3,000 feet sounds daunting but don't get overwhelmed. Set clear, achievable goals. Break down that big number into smaller milestones, and give yourself a timeline (you have from July 1st to July 21st for this particular member challenge). This way, you'll have something to aim for each session, and you can track your progress along the way.
Slow and Steady: Endurance is gonna be your best friend here. Climbing long distances means you have to have the stamina to keep going. Start slow and steady, gradually increasing the time you spend climbing. Push yourself a little harder each time, but don't burn out. You got this!

Nail Your Technique: You don't have to be a pro climber, but solid technique will make a world of difference. Work on your footwork, body positioning, and reading routes. We can't say it enough - good technique means you will use less energy on the wall and that is going to be key in getting so high! 

Get Your Mind Right: Last but not least, don't forget about the mental game. Climbing is as much about your mindset as it is about your muscles. Visualize yourself crushing those climbs, and develop some strategies for when things get tough. Positive self-talk and deep breaths can go a long way.

So there you have it! Our tips to help you crush those 3,300 vertical feet of Freerider. Stay focused, stay motivated, and most importantly, have fun! Remember, it's not just about reaching the top – it's about the journey. Now get after it!