9 Tips for a Smooth Vertical Adventure Blog Feature

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9 Tips for a Smooth Vertical Adventure

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Welcome to the wild world of indoor climbing – where the walls and vibes are even higher. As you gear up for your vertical adventure, let's chat about some down-to-earth tips that'll keep you cruising through the climbs with style and respect for the whole climbing crew. 

  1. Empty Those Pockets, Save the Noggin': It's time to do a quick pocket check before you hit the wall. We're all about safety first, so stash away those loose items and give yourself a clear headspace to crack your beta, not your belayer.Empy Pockets
  2. Always Look at Your Route; Give Right of Way: Keep it smooth on the wall by checking if your climb intersects with someone else's. If it does, the first person on the wall gets right of way. Climbing next to a lead climber? Even if the route does not merge, keep note of space. Lead falls can be risky if you’re on a route too close.  Right of Way Rope Climber
  3. Look Up!: No one likes unexpected surprises from above. Don’t walk underneath people climbing or sit too close to the walls. Keep an eye out for archways, bouldering caves, and prowsWalking Under a Climber 2  
  4. Be Considerate of time and others trying to climb: Not only are we sending grades, we are also catching up on life with our gym fam. Be considerate of others waiting for the same route. The hot goss can wait till after you climb.  

  5. Don't Offer Unsolicited Beta: Seeing someone working on a project you just sent is exciting. Always ask if they want advice before giving them the beta. Even if you mean well, it takes away the opportunity for the person to work it out. Everyone loves a good puzzle. Beta Spraying
  6. Keep the Gym Tidy: Let's keep the gym vibes on point, folks! Ensuring your gear is in check prevents the "yard sale" chaos and plays a vital role in creating a safe and inclusive space, especially for our adaptive climbing community. It's all about ensuring everyone can enjoy the climb without unexpected hurdles.Yard sale
  7.  Do you have little climbing enthusiasts at home? We totally get the excitement that climbing sparks in kids – it's contagious! While we encourage the climbing vibes, keeping the energy and gym safe for everyone is super important. Running around without following the guidelines isn't just risky for the kiddos; it can also throw a curveball to other climbers sharing the space. 

  8. Take Off Your Climbing Shoes Before Hitting the Bathroom: We're all about keeping it clean, so let's show some love for the gym walls by not wearing our climbing shoes in the bathroom and washing our hands to keep them chalk-ready. 

  9. No Facetime and/or photo ops in the bathrooms: We completely understand that the climbing journey is a thrill worth sharing with friends and loved ones, and spreading that positive psych is part of the climbing culture. Yet, being mindful of where we express that excitement is crucial. Let's collectively agree: no Facetime sessions or photo ops in the bathrooms. 

This by no means encompasses all the etiquette that’s important to be aware of, but it’s a starting point. At the end of the day, all these things promote a courteous community and help mitigate risk. While our staff tries to step in when they can, we still rely on our community to remind people of these tips (in a supportive way). 💛 
Go forth and send friends!