Maximizing Your Summer Membership at Movement Gyms Blog Feature

By: Anna S.

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Maximizing Your Summer Membership at Movement Gyms

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Summer is the perfect time to embrace new challenges, connect with others, and enhance your wellness journey. At Movement Gyms, we offer a variety of classes, events, and community activities to help you make the most of your membership! Here are some tips to get the most out of your Summer Membership:

1. Embrace Variety with Fitness Classes
Fitness_Fort Worth_MVMT_2023-32

Our fitness classes cater to all interests, from high-intensity interval training to strength training and dance workouts. Experiment with different weekly classes to keep your workouts exciting and effective and create the routine that feels right to you.

2. Find your Zen with Yoga Classes

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Amid life's hustle and bustle, it's essential to carve out moments of tranquility and inner peace. Our yoga classes provide the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit. From gentle flow yoga sessions to reconnect or testing your limits in a power yoga class, allow yourself to surrender to the present moment and find solace in the practice of yoga.

3. Immerse Yourself in Community Events

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At Movement Gyms, we're more than just a rock-climbing gym—we’re a thriving community of individuals united by a shared passion. Throughout the summer, our gyms host various events, including climbing competitions, bouldering leagues, Rendezvous events, Kitten Yoga, Fitness and Yoga Challenges, and more!

4. Connect with others in the community


Looking to connect with others who share your interests and passions? Our partner meetup groups provide a platform to forge friendships, support each other's goals, and embark on shared adventures. You can also find your next climbing partner by checking out your gym's community and partner project nights and also by connecting with other climbers on your gym's Facebook partner board pages.

5. Explore Our Climbing Classes

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Take your climbing to the next level with our climbing classes. From beginner courses to advanced outdoor development like "Learn to Lead" and "Crack Climbing," our instructors will help you master new skills and conquer challenges. Enjoy special member pricing for all our climbing offerings.

6. Use your Member Coupon


Looking to buy your first pair of shoes or replace some old gear? Each new member receives a 20% off retail coupon for your first purchase in our gear shop! In addition, all members get 10% off every time you make a gear shop purchase.

7. Use your Member Guest Passes

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Looking to bring friends to the gym? Your membership offers:

  • 1 FREE guest pass a month
  • A FREE guest pass on us the First Friday of every month
  • 2 guest passes for first-time gym users per day!

That’s a lot of friends to rope into climbing 😉

8. Visit different locations

Whether you travel for work or fun with family or by yourself, know you can always find community at any of our locations nationwide! 

Make the Most of Your Summer at Movement Gyms

This summer, take full advantage of your Movement Gyms membership. You'll find many ways to stay active and connected with diverse fitness and yoga classes, engaging events, supportive meetup groups, and exciting climbing opportunities. Go to our locations page, select your gym location, and head to the calendar page to check out all the happenings at a gym near you! 

Ready to get started and elevate your summer experience? Join Movement Gyms today!