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6 Climbing Lessons I Learned from Watching Competition Climbing (Even Though I Don't Compete)

By: Kim

Once I got into climbing, I started watching competitions. Well, I guess not all comps - specifically, the IFSC's (IFSC stands for International Federation of Sport Climbing) bouldering finals competitions. And while I don't climb in comps, even casually, I have learned a lot of great lessons and I recommend more climbers watch comps.

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Blog Feature

World Indoor Climbing Competition


By: Justin Wyse

The venue was packed for the final event everyone had been waiting for – Youth Bouldering World Championship Finals. The top six climbers in each division from all over the world face off against each other in an epic showdown to see who truly is the best in the world. As the sun set, the lights to the venue kicked on and the show began.

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